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Hole #9 "Sauder's Alley"



The 9th hole at Par Line Golf Course is the most difficult hole on the course, and one of the premier golf holes in the South Central Pennsylvania region. A long and brutal par 5, the tee shot is hindered by a pond on the left and a bunker on the right. Even with a good drive and fairway wood, most players will be faced with a difficult long-iron third shot to a domed green guarded by a creek in front, uphill, and against the prevailing wind.

Comments From the Caddy Shack (Rating ****):

Take what the hole gives you. A tee shot missed short and right still gives you a realistic opportunity for no more than bogey, whereas a hooked tee shot means at least 7 or 8. Most players play the hole as a par 6, so if you are a little out of position, lay your third shot short of the creek and play a short wedge up to the green. If you do lay up, play the ball to the right side of the fairway (aim short of willow tree) as there is more room to get closer to the hole from that side. If you decide to go for the green on your third shot, play toward the left side as it will require less distance to carry the creek. The green slopes left to right, and just about any long putt on this green will have quite a bit of break in that direction. Most players walk away happy with 6.