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Hole #5 "Little Round Top"



The 5th hole at Par Line Golf Course is a moderately long par 3 to a domed green against the prevailing wind. The tee shot requires a carry of a hundred yards or so over a wilderness area. A tree slightly left and halfway between the tee and green offers a visual impairment and obstacle to playing the left side.

Comments From the Caddy Shack (Rating ***):

Depending on the wind, hardness of the turf and the location of the flagstick, this hole can play moderately difficult to near impossible. The domed green is always hard to hold. Against the wind with hard turf and the tees back, you'll be begging for mercy. It tends to play long, so take one more stick than you think. Extreme right leaves you impossibly lost in the very high grass; but slightly right is the best place to miss. If you go left and avoid the tree, you still have a tricky pitch that could easily roll back over the other side of the green. If the wind is up, hit a low draw and hope for the best. If it's not too windy, a high fade will give you a chance to hold the green and leave you an uphill chip if you should go a bit too far right. In any event, 3 or 4 is a good score here.