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Hole #4 "Bufflehead"



The 4th hole at Parline Golf Course is a short downhill par 4, dogleg left with the prevailing wind. Trees guard the left side of the fairway, and there is an out of bounds fence to the right of the green. Most players can reach this green with a drive and short iron.

Comments From the Caddy Shack (Rating ** 1/2):

This is not a particularly difficult hole, but it can bite you if you lose your concentration. Aim your tee shot at the 150 yard bush on the left side of the fairway. If you hit it perfectly, it will carry the bush, catch the slope of the fairway and roll down close to the green. Long and left is not usually trouble if you carry it past the trees. A severe slice to the right is no-man's land as you will be left with a long shot out of thick rough. The second shot can be tricky here. Whatever you do, don't take too much club. If you push the shot long, you will go OB. Even if you hit it straight, this green runs like the dickens from front to back and you'll end up long. Better to come up a little short of the green and let the ball bounce on, or hit a nice high, soft shot just short of the stick. When putting, the green looks like it runs uphill from front to back, but it actually runs downhill in that direction, so take a little off putts from front to back, and give a little more to putts running from back to front.