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Hole #15 "Gadwall"



The 15th hole at Par Line Golf Course is a moderate length par 4 with an uphill blind tee shot and an approach to a long and narrow green. The right side is guarded by trees and out of bounds. The tiered green has bunkers right and left.

Comments From the Caddy Shack (Rating ***):

This is one of the few blind tee shots on the course, but it's not too worrisome as the fairway is wide open, unless you slice severely, in which case you will be out of bounds. The approach shot is a bit easier from the left side of the fairway. For the drive, aim at that tall clump of three trees in the distance and hit a power fade and you'll be fine. The approach is tricky, especially if the pin is in the back. You must play the approach to the front section of the green in order to avoid hitting the bunkers right or left. A low shot that runs into right side of the green will roll off the green, down the hill and into the right bunker, which sits a good 8 feet or so below the putting surface. A flyer left is worse, because it ends up in the left bunker. Many is the lost soul who put it in the left bunker, splashed it over the green into the right bunker, and then hit it up the hill only to have it roll down into the bunker again, lying 4 and still not on the green. Please don't let this happen to you. The front section of the green is yours for the taking. Don't get greedy. If you miss, short and right of the green usually leaves an easy chip up the hill with plenty of green to work with. The bunkers are no man's land.