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Hole #14 "Pintail"



The 14th hole at Par Line Golf Course is a short par 4, dogleg right, with an uphill approach shot to a difficult green. The tee shot requires a carry of 150 yards or so over a lake. The green is severely contoured back to front and right to left.

Comments From the Caddy Shack (Rating ****):

Perhaps the greatest holes in golf are not the long monsters, but the short par 4's; the kind of hole where you walk up to the tee thinking 3 and walk off the green wondering how you ended up with 7. Number 14 is just such a hole, one of the three best on the course (along with #6 and #9). Let's start with the tee shot. There it is, right in front of you, but somewhere n the middle of your backswing, you start worrying about that lake or those trees on the right and you make a little adjustment and you end up in the hazard. The problem with the tee shot is that it must be long (210 yards) and straight, else you won't reach the gap through the trees, and you'll have to hoist your approach over the dense woods. If tou go too long (225 or more from the white tees), you'll be in even more trouble as you will have overshot the gap. Cheat off to the left to avoid the hazard on the right, and you'll end up with a wicked downhill lie and a longer approach. The approach shot looks easy enough, but it too can be disastrous, especially if you go over the green, or even past the flagstick. So don't go there, okay? So here's what to do. Take a deep breath, relax and hit a solid drive (take a 3-wood if you are a long hitter). You'll have 75-110 yards left. Take another deep breath and shoot for anywhere below the hole, on the green or not. If you come up short of the green, no problem, so long as you are in front of the flag, you'll have a reasonably straight uphill chip to the hole. The green slopes dramatically front to back. Right, left or especially behind the green are to be avoided if you want to take 7 or more out of the realm of possibility.