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Hole #11 "The Fickle Witch"



The 11th hole at Par Line Golf Course is a short par 5, dogleg right, with the prevailing wind. The fairway is domed and very hard to hold. The green is guarded in front by a wilderness area and bunker left. Trees line both sides of the fairway.

Comments From the Caddy Shack (Rating ***):

Options, options and more options. Pick the wrong one and walk away with a snowman. The green can be driven in two, but you have to hit your drive long and to the right side of the fairway. From there, you have 185 yards or so, but it's a downhill lie and you must carry the ball 165 yards over the wilderness area. If you hit your tee shot a little right into the trees, that's jail over there. Unless you go way right and end up in #9 fairway, in which case you might have a shot at the green. Hook it off the tee and the hole plays like a standard issue par 5 as you can take an iron to the proper lay-up position. The hole is designed so that you should lay up in the fairway directly in front of the green, but most players take the short cut and lay up in the rough to the right. The best way to play the hole is to fire away with your driver, trying to avoid the trees right. If you get it out far enough, go for it; otherwise, lay it up down in the flat by the 100 yard marker. Then hit a nice wedge at the flagstick. Try to stay below the hole on your approach as the green slopes back to front.