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Hole #10 "Canvasback"



The 10th hole at Par Line Golf Course is a short uphill par 4, dogleg right with the prevailing wind. Trees guard the right side of the fairway, and there are bunkers right, left and behind the green. The green slopes dramatically back to front.

Comments From the Caddy Shack (Rating ***):

Don't let the fact that this is the 18 handicap hole fool you. This hole can do you in if you are not careful. The tee shot is fairly open, and most players can easily put themselves in the proper position with three wood or even a long iron. Big hitters may go for the green, and there isn't much to stop them from doing just that. If you don't go for the green, the left side of the fairway is the best side to come in from, but just about any reasonable drive will do. It's the approach shot that can be troublesome. Too far right and you are in a bunker. Too far left and you are in a bunker or trees. Over the green and you are in no man's land. You must play it straight and below the hole to have a realistic shot at par. The green slopes dramatically front to back and right to left, and is easily three-putted if you are going at the hole from left, right or behind. Lay up your drive so that you have a good , full wedge to the green, then have at it, and don't be too concerned if you come up a bit short of the green below the hole. You'll have an easier shot at par than if you are 10 feet past the pin on the putting surface.